Chiropractic is well known for promoting the health benefits of posture, the philosophy behind much of what can be done for someone who is still fit and healthy is behind keeping the structure and function of movement pain free.  Straight Back To You Mobile Chiropractor is able to tailor a solution for your workplace and the jobs of your workers, identifying key areas of risk and tips to ensure that the workers are given useful information to help them stay workplace active.

Helping to educate your employees on how to reduce the stress on their body during repetitive work tasks, setting up their workspace to ensure the most ergonomic posture, the use of postural breaks to improve productivity, what they can do to ensure they reduce risk to themselves in the workplace and many more benefits are examples of what can be addressed.

To ensure that your employees are healthy and pain free in the workplace, ensuring that you meet your Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements by ensuring that educational programs have been tailored to show employees what small changes they can make will make a vast impact on their long term health and wellness.