I often get asked, does chiropractic help…

First, lets look at the question, it’s ambiguous and now well defined, my answer will always be yes, it helps, but to what degree…

Chiropractors are part of a profession which is classed as primary health care practitioners. By that very nature, we can help by ruling in or out a condition, by calming and educating or referring on with less uncertainty, or by treating and eliminating symptoms / cause or initiating a rehabilitation regime to eliminate deficiencies in the structure of a person.

Chiropractic is not purely the tools of a profession, chiropractors often use manual adjustment of the joints as one of their main tools available to treat a wide range of presentations. Other tools are education, rehabilitation, massage, stretching, mobilisation and exercise.

Chiropractors will refer you on if you are not within the scope of chiropractic practice, if there is something that changes or if you have a bad reaction to treatment, please make sure you go back to let the chiropractor know what has happened, just like you would if you had a bad experience somewhere else. There may be something that the chiropractor missed, or perhaps they forgot to ask you a question that would have changed their treatment for you, just like we have different personalities, our bodies have different tolerances for pain and pressure, a person who can lift a shopping bag weighing 10kg may not look the same as the person who can lift a weight of 100kg although in some cases they may look exactly the same depending on how much pain they are in or what they have been doing in their daily activites.

does chiropractic help